Our Mission

Technology brings bounty to the rich, while more than half of the world lacks basic access to the internet.

The only way to fix that inequity is with an intersectional analysis that targets the root causes of these disparities.

All human beings have a right to communicate freely, openly, and securely, regardless of their sex, gender, race, or class.

Technological liberation is rooted in grass-roots action, open source code, and the tools to keep people safely in touch, whomever they may be.

Who We Are

We are a small, horizontally organized team that seeks the change the world from the bottom up, using their privilege to better the world. If you would like to get involved, scroll down for our contact information.


Do you want to learn something? The wiki contains everything you need to know to code, build, and expand the internet.


We do case studies, weekend hacks, and discuss policy positions. Check here for our complete thoughts.


Do you like to hack? Do you like to code? Check out this neat collection of useful software (including this website)



In order to ensure we maintain a site that serves the newest user of technology, please read the best practices and guidelines before contributing.

To learn more on how to contribute check our repository on Github
and make sure to read the README.md file.


If you want to get in touch to become a part of it or you just want to give a helpfull tip then send us an email at contact@thenextbillion.online.

Not a fan of email?
Don't worry you can reach to us on Github as well.